• Do We Rely Too Much On Imaging?

    This is a question that is frequently asked each time an institution deliberates the need to expand imaging services. Do we need another CT or MRI machine? Or are we simply [...]
  • Chest And Flank Pain

    Hx: A 67 yo male complains of chest pain with shortness of breath. Pain is mid sternal pressure, non-radiating, and started this morning. There was some shortness of breath [...]
  • Headache and Syncope

    Hx: A 34 yo female presents with headache and syncope. She is accompanied by family  who give most of the hx. The patient has a hx of daily migraines for which she takes [...]
  • 23 yo With Chest Pain

    Hx: A 23 yo male complains of chest pain. It has been present for 2 days, and intermittent. This morning he awoke feeling well but then developed 2/10 dull mid chest [...]
  • Helmets

    I have always been a proponent of helmets. Being an emergency physician gives me a front seat to the tragedies of severe head injuries. As a result, I’ve developed a [...]



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