• Why is that doctor such a pain?

    It is flu season, it is winter, and it is 2017. It seems as though every hospital in the US is struggling with capacity problems and nowhere is this more evident than [...]
  • Lethargy and Weakness

    A patient in his 70’s presents with diffuse myalgias, weakness, and confusion. He reports he fell out of bed and was found by his wife shortly after. He denies any head [...]
  • When Consultants Give Bad Advice

    It was my first year out of residency and I was working a night shift when a patient involved in a domestic dispute arrived by ambulance. She was stabbed multiple times [...]
  • ED Flow Mind Map

    ED flow is challenging. For all of those who struggle with defining various aspects of patient care in the emergency department, this is a mind map you may find helpful. [...]
  • With or Without Contrast ?

    Hx: A middle aged woman presents with flank pain. She has no past medical history and notes sudden onset of severe, sharp, left flank pain. She denies any history of similar [...]
  • Lightning Does Strike

    The fact that unexpected outcomes and rare events occur is one of the realities of medicine that is difficult to comprehend, until you have personally experienced it. There [...]



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