• Pediatric Status Epilepticus

    Hx: A 17 month old male presents with a seizure. He is driven to the emergency department by his parents after they witnessed him having the seizure. According to parents, [...]
  • Leadership & Process Improvement

    I recall, not too long ago, having a conversation with someone in healthcare administration about his career. As we discussed how the latest crisis was effecting the [...]
  • Inhalation Injury

    Hx: A male in his 20’s is working when he mixes lime away and bleach in a bottle. He then breathes some of the resultant gas and becomes short of breath, develops an [...]
  • Seizure

    Hx: A previously healthy 15 yo female presents by EMS for a generalized seizure. The patient is post-ictal and unable to give any history on arrival. The paramedics state [...]
  • ED Patient Segmentation

    Many people have written about the segmentation of patient populations in the emergency department, based on acuity. Let’s take a look at it a little more closely [...]
  • Intentional Overdose

    Hx: A 55 yo man presents after an intentional overdose. He is transported by EMS after his family found him poorly responsive with an empty bottle of tramadol. When [...]

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  • The Mission

    February 18, 2018

    The mission field is not a far away place. It is all around us, at work, in our neighborhoods, and among our friends. Many of us have been taught to put our religious beliefs [...]

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