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Decision Fatigue … Do You Feel It?

If you haven’t heard the term decision fatigue, you need to familiarize yourself with it. In the psychology literature, decision fatigue refers to the reduction in quality of decisions made by a person after long periods of decision making. It is an interesting phenomenon. There are descriptions of it occurring in shoppers after long periods of intense decision making, ending in

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Lightning Does Strike

The fact that unexpected outcomes and rare events occur is one of the realities of medicine that is difficult to comprehend, until you have personally experienced it. There are over 130 million emergency department visits annually, over 16 million of which require admission to a hospital. With that many encounters, even the most rare of events becomes possible. However, practicing

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Before you dive into post below, here is a short EMTALA reference card for those accepting or sending transfers. My hope is that you will find it to be a useful rapid reference: EMTALA Pocket Card Download EMTALA related issues are complex. Not only do we have the original law, but we have subsequent case law that adds additional interpretations. In addition, the practice

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