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Scribes: Pearls and Pitfalls

Much has been published regarding the use of scribes in the past few years. The position was born out of a need for reducing data entry time by physicians, while simultaneously increasing efficiency of the physician and allowing more time face to face with patients. Although they were once primarily utilized in emergency departments, scribes today are found in all

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When Health Insurance Hurts

Recently I read about the struggles and frustrations of an emergency physician who found himself in an situation becoming more common. After the emergency department treatment was complete and admission was recommended, his patients were undergoing insurance checks and then being asked to request a voluntary transfer to another hospital that was in-network. Since the services were available at the

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When Regulation Misses The Mark

When I think of regulatory bodies, I see an opportunity. Yes, there are minimum standards that need to be enforced. However, few people spend as much time in multiple healthcare facilities as surveyors. Their cumulative knowledge of the issues combating healthcare today and the known solutions should be vast ! But instead, what we see are decisions that seem to

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Security In The Emergency Department

This past Tuesday a patient carrying a gun at Cypress Hospital in Harris County, Texas opened fire in the emergency department. According to news reports, he was “impatient, walked up to the reception area and fired several shots”. The same report also states the patient the patient was “upset after he was asked to remove his clothes before an X-ray”. (News

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