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Standard Work

“Standard work” is a lean concept. In short, it refers to standardization of the work that one will perform. Once it is established, it allows all future improvements to be made upon the standard, therefore improving all work in that area at once and building a sustained method of process improvement. Although it is one of the most powerful tools

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If you have been working in healthcare for the past 15 years, regardless of your position, you have likely felt it. Something has changed. It may seem intangible, something in the climate, something to do with regulation? But you have no doubt, something isn’t the same and you are right. That something is change. Not the fact that it occurs, but

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Inspired Or Defeated ?

The last few days have been rough. The emergency department is overcrowded and patients have been VERY sick. Treatments were labor intensive and patients holding in the ED took up valuable resources at the cost of others. I could see the frustration on the faces of physicians, nurses, and other staff. A physician and a nurse separately pulled me aside

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When Health Insurance Hurts

Recently I read about the struggles and frustrations of an emergency physician who found himself in an situation becoming more common. After the emergency department treatment was complete and admission was recommended, his patients were undergoing insurance checks and then being asked to request a voluntary transfer to another hospital that was in-network. Since the services were available at the

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You Are Being Sued …

I cannot recall a feeling more dreadful than opening up a thick packet from an unknown attorney’s office to discover that I had been named in a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is difficult to explain, but far more difficult to forget. As a physician, I struggle with the balance of involvement in a patient’s life and disease process, and the

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We Must Do Something …

Your business makes boxes. Business is good and demand is increasing. In response, you increase production. All is well until demand increases again, and again, and again. You are now at maximum production but it is not enough. What next? You decide to increase the number of employees and purchase more equipment. But, you can’t find any new employees to

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