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Pediatric Syncope

Hx: A young teenager presents with syncope. Parents note he had 2 episodes today without any preceding problems but the patient notes some mild lightheadedness prior to both episodes. He denies any other symptoms and has no complaints now. No pain. Medical history is positive only for mild reactive airway disease. Parents note a family history of hypercoagulability involving only

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Inhalation Injury

Hx: A male in his 20’s is working when he mixes lime away and bleach in a bottle. He then breathes some of the resultant gas and becomes short of breath, develops an intractable cough, and his co-workers call EMS. He is given a single albuterol nebulizer treatment on the way to the hospital along with supplemental oxygen by non-rebreather

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Hx: A male in his 60’s presents to a small ED with nausea and vomiting for 24 hours. He denies any fever, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. There has been no blood in the emesis. However, symptoms have persisted for 24 hours. He also denies any history of similar episodes. PMHx: Hypertension SocHx: occasional alcohol, no tobacco or drugs Exam: Vitals:

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Back Stabbing

Hx: A prison guard is stabbed by an inmate. He is stabbed in the upper back on the left side resulting in a small puncture wound just medial to the scapula. He has immediate onset of back pain then has progressive shortness of breath, diaphoresis, and pain with inspiration. No anterior chest pain. On EMS arrival they find him in

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