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Environmental Services..It Matters… A Lot !

The performance of your environmental services department is a critical step in your hospital’s patient flow. The ability of patients to enter your hospital as direct admissions or through the emergency department relies heavily on bed availability. Many institutions focus on clinical decision making and patient care when examining patient flow. However, focusing on the performance of your environmental services

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Scribes: Pearls and Pitfalls

Much has been published regarding the use of scribes in the past few years. The position was born out of a need for reducing data entry time by physicians, while simultaneously increasing efficiency of the physician and allowing more time face to face with patients. Although they were once primarily utilized in emergency departments, scribes today are found in all

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Holding Orders: Pearls and Pitfalls

As many hospitals battle the national physician shortage, emergency physicians are increasingly being asked to write inpatient orders. These are abbreviated orders meant to facilitate the patient’s transition to the inpatient unit and are typically named “holding”, “bridge”, or “interim” orders. When faced with the question of developing this process, a few things should be addressed. 1) Purpose It is

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ED Patient Segmentation

Many people have written about the segmentation of patient populations in the emergency department, based on acuity. Let’s take a look at it a little more closely in today’s installment of the patient flow series. Patient segmentation is the process of dividing patients (based on acuity in our case) and processing them through an emergency department visit differently based on the category they fall into.

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