Steps: (right handed) Left hand stabilizes thyroid cartilage (1) Left index rests over cricothyroid membrane (A) Right hand #10 scalpel makes vertical incision over entire cricothyroid area (3cm) Left index finger palpates for cricothyroid membrane Right hand #10 scalpel makes horizontal incision through crycothyroid membrane Left index finger goes in hole (insert bougie if using one) Place 6.0 endotracheal tube

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Glascow Coma Scale (GCS)

 Eyes 4pt – Open spontaneously 3pt – Open to voice 2pt – Open to pain 1pt – No eye opening Verbal 5pt – Oriented, normal conversation 4pt – Confused, disoriented 3pt – Incoherent words 2pt – Incomprehensible sounds 1pt – No sounds Motor 6pt – Obeys command 5pt – Localizes pain 4pt – Withdrawal / flexion to pain 3pt –

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