Glascow Coma Scale (GCS)

 Eyes 1pt – No eye opening 2pt – Open to pain 3pt – Open to voice 4pt – Open spontaneously Verbal 1pt – No sounds 2pt – Incomprehensible sounds 3pt – Incoherent words 4pt – Confused, disoriented 5pt – Oriented, normal conversation Motor 1pt – No movement 2pt – Extension to pain (decerebrate) 3pt – Flexion to pain (decorticate) 4pt

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Antiplatelet Therapy and Intra-cranial Hemorrhage (ICH)

Treatment: Spontaneous ICH (intra-parenchymal) Studies suggest platelets may increase poor outcomes. (PATCH trial, etc) Note: trials excluded ruptured aneurysm, SDH and EDH Traumatic ICH (SDH, EPH) If neurosurgical intervention is NOT planned, recommendation is NOT to give platelets. If neurosurgical intervention IS planned within 24 hours: Obtain platelet function testing if possible If testing is normal, patient is anti-platelet resistant

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