Pediatric Seizure Recurrence

Recurrence rate after first unprovoked seizure 1: 6% recurrence within 48 hours ( 1 in 16 ) 15.8% recurrence within 14 days (1 in 6) 31.5% recurrence within 4 months ( 1 in 3 ) Age less than 3 yo at onset increases 14 days recurrence, OR 2.1 29% recurrence within 1 year 3 37% recurrence within 2 years 3 43% recurrence within

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PECARN Pediatric Head CT Rule

The PECARN head injury rule was derived in a population of patients younger than 18 years old with blunt head injury. 42412 patients were included in the study population with a goal of identifying patients at very low risk of clinically important traumatic brain injury (ciTBI) by history and exam criteria, obviating the need for CT imaging.  Child <2 yo

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Pediatric Fever Protocols

There have been several attempts at building protocols for pediatric fever in order to determine what children 3 months and younger can be discharged home. The most commonly used protocols include the Rochester, Philadelphia, and now Step-by-Step. Although there is an exceptional comparison of these protocols (Step by Step not included) from Hui et al in 2012, the most important

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