What we do, in emergency medicine, on a daily basis is a privilege. In a world focused on money, and personal gain, we impact people’s lives every day. In that setting, our first focus should always be our patients, their safety, and their health. So often knowledge is prized as something to protect, use as leverage, or as something to sell. This site is built to share that knowledge freely. My hope is that it will allow us to move past the barriers of politics and market shares, and focus our efforts on making emergency departments safer and better.

SiteTo administer is to both manage and apply. Admin EM is dedicated to the discussion of issues related to the administration of Emergency Medicine, both in management and clinical practice. The site represents the sole opinions of its author.

Author: Sam Ashoo is board certified in emergency medicine and clinical informatics. He is passionate about patient care, teaching, and process improvement. His experience includes:

  • Clinical: Over 15 years working in emergency departments.
  • Academic: Instruction of residents, medical students, and paramedics.
  • Administrative: Work as a medical director, consultant, and chief medical officer.

More information about his background and experience can be found here.

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