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With or Without Contrast ?

Hx: A middle aged woman presents with flank pain. She has no past medical history and notes sudden onset of severe, sharp, left flank pain. She denies any history of similar symptoms. Pain is constant, and does not radiate. No associated chest pain, shortness of breath, or abdominal pain. No hematuria, dysuria, hx of kidney stones, change in stools, or

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Bad Mexican Food

Hx: A 50 yo woman arrives in the ED complaining of “eating bad Mexican food”. She was at a nearby restaurant when she experienced abdominal pain, but feels better and feels “silly” for being in the ED. Pressing for more, she relates sudden onset of mid abdominal pain in the epigastrum that moved to her chest, then back down to her

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Chest Pain

Hx: It’s the start of your shift and EMS brings a “chest pain” patient to the ED. They report a 62 yo female with onset of chest pain while on a treadmill. She called 911, EMS arrived and administered aspirin and held nitro because her pain was improving and her vitals were normal. IV placed in transport and no other

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