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Headache and Syncope

Hx: A 34 yo female presents with headache and syncope. She is accompanied by family  who give most of the hx. The patient has a hx of daily migraines for which she takes excedrin. Last night she had onset of a severe frontal HA, no radiation, timing unknown. She took a dose of excedrin. This morning she awoke with a headache

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Facial Injury

Hx: A prisoner in his mid 20’s presents with a facial injury. History from EMS is that the patient had a syncopal episode and hit his face on the edge of a sink sustaining a lip laceration and facial contusion. The patient states he got out of bed, passed out, and hit his face on the way down. He cannot

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Headache and Vision Loss

Hx: 35 yo female complains of a severe headache. It is frontal, bilateral, and radiates to her whole head. It has been worsening for days and not responding to meds. She has a history of migraines and pseudotumor cerebri (idiopathic intracranial hypertension). She tried her midrin and over the counter meds for the headache without relief. Pain is constant and

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