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Assessing Clinical Evidence

There are always numerous opinions regarding the relevance and quality of clinical studies. As we seek to determine the validity of conclusions given by authors, it is important to develop a consistent approach to the evaluation of the evidence. Here is one such method: 1) What is the question being asked? This is important to understand before proceeding further because

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8 Things To Keep In Mind When Evaluating A Communications Solution

Are you considering purchasing a communications solution for your hospital? Here are 8 things to keep in mind before you purchase. Scalability – Often a hospital will invest in a solution for one area that is suffering. Believing that the communication problems are unique to that area or unit, a purchase is made only to realize  that these problems are ubiquitous.

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Yes, We Count Clicks !

A few years ago I was sitting in a meeting discussing electronic health records. Another in a series of “upgrades” was occurring and there were some expected “un-expected” consequences of the upgrade. Several common pathways to placing orders and reviewing results had been changed. “The information is still there…” I was being told. “You just have to access it this

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