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Pediatric Syncope

Hx: A young teenager presents with syncope. Parents note he had 2 episodes today without any preceding problems but the patient notes some mild lightheadedness prior to both episodes. He denies any other symptoms and has no complaints now. No pain. Medical history is positive only for mild reactive airway disease. Parents note a family history of hypercoagulability involving only

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Hx: A previously healthy 15 yo female presents by EMS for a generalized seizure. The patient is post-ictal and unable to give any history on arrival. The paramedics state they were called to the scene for a seizure and found the patient post-ictal on arrival. Minimal history was obtained from family on scene but there is no history of prior

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Neonatal Distress

Hx: 9 day old female presents with mom due to poor feeding. Mom notes that the patient was doing well and breastfeeding with bottle supplementation until yesterday when feeding declined rapidly. After midnight, there has been no feeding and no urine output. Mom denies any fever or other abnormalities except for a pale color to the patient’s skin noted this

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