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Intentional Overdose

Hx: A 55 yo man presents after an intentional overdose. He is transported by EMS after his family found him poorly responsive with an empty bottle of tramadol. When paramedics arrived the patient was groggy but able to answer questions. He had a bottle for 350 tramadol 50mg tablets that was filled 2 weeks ago, now empty. He admitted to

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Hx: A previously healthy 15 yo female presents by EMS for a generalized seizure. The patient is post-ictal and unable to give any history on arrival. The paramedics state they were called to the scene for a seizure and found the patient post-ictal on arrival. Minimal history was obtained from family on scene but there is no history of prior

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Pediatric Status Epilepticus

Hx: A 17 month old male presents with a seizure. He is driven to the emergency department by his parents after they witnessed him having the seizure. According to parents, the child has been well until today. No fevers, no illness, and no history of prior seizures. Additionally, there is no family history of seizures. While in triage, the nurse

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